Monday, May 16, 2011

The Fighter Within.

Some things are worth fighting for....Some feelings never lose their sheen,

I am thinking of what it was....I am thinking of what else could it have been.

We are not indestructible...we must better get that straight,

I think its unbelievable...the things that can happen in a battle of fate.

There's no easy way out...there's no shortcut around,

In such a mighty situation...its not all wrong to break down.

I am not asking for another chance...and don't want to pull you down,

All I am saying is...not everyone everywhere gets a chance for a rebound.

Some things are worth fighting for...some feelings never die,

Don't let it pacify...this fire that can make you try.

The fever is rising high...the moment of truth draws near,

I'm burning with determination...the rules have no more meaning here.

Some things are worth fighting for...some passions run down deep,

Lacking courage to face such odds...only makes you become obsolete.

I feel like a boy...who while playing 'snakes & ladders' might hit a 99,

So near yet so far...but won't give up until I cross that line.

Life is like a one way a car with the windscreens gone,

If you can't see the road'll still have to tag along.

Instead of going down an endless road...not knowing if you're dead or alive,

Some things are worth fighting for...some things deserve more than a try.

There's always hope...I believe tomorrow will be better than today,

It's when the chips are down...that the heroes rise to save the day.

The meaning of a flame of found in the darkest night,

Some things are worth fighting dark can quell your bright.

Not all can go wrong...I believe in this fate,

There is always room...boy you are never that late.

And in my final lines that I'd like to tender here,

In the fighter's code there is no surrender there.

Some things are worth fighting for...and I am an offender found rare.

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