Monday, May 16, 2011

Luck, Hardwork and Passion.

Luck, Hardwork and Passion were three friends,
Luck and Hardwork fought as if there were no other ends.
Passion alone stood in the corner,
watching it all with little to bother.
They fought and fought with no result,
blaming one another for no fault of the other.
Hardwork complained in success that Luck stole his credit,
Luck vetoed seeking an apology for failure leading to his discredit.
To help solve it needed someone else's nod,
so with Passion alongside they sought the help of God.
Luck thought that now he had an upper hand,
Having forgot that God didn't favour anyone's stand.
God said, "I am supreme of'em all,
Who then for success is the cause?"
Luck and Hardwork roared, "It must be us",
as they made God who he was.
God asked again, "I am supreme of'em all,
Who then for failure is the cause?"
Both stood still as they didn't want the blame,
but up rose Passion the hero that he was.
Passion said, "Its me who is to blame,
failure comes to those whose passion does not flame".
God smiled and replied, "To revel in success is everyone's ask,
but to burden the failure is a more difficult task."
Luck and Hardwork had now understood,
the story is not complete had Passion not withstood.
All credit to Chetan Taneja for the original story of the 3 friends.

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