Monday, May 16, 2011

A Toast to Y7@Aquatics IITK

They gathered together...from Hall 3, Hall 2, Hall 5 and still more. For 4-5 years the pool's walls roared. They lined up against one another and relished this a lot....a rainbow of colors together for sport. They sprinted, they shot, they jumped, they shouted and sometimes got hustled...somehow they seemed to work it all out. They smiled, they laughed, they learned life's lessons....respected one another regardless of differences. Their big and small arguments put together now seem awkward...but amazingly enough they pushed them forward. Now they've packed up the balls, and rolled up the towels.....soon they'll put on their best suits and the finest of hats...will wave goodbye...come this 28th May...and celebrate one another in a hell of a way. I imagine this and think..when this is all over, its as good as it gets....a lifetime of memories with zero regrets. A truckload of Cheers to you!

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