Saturday, June 18, 2011

Current Affairs 17th June 2011

17 June:
  • Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney a key role in negotiations with the Somali pirates for safe return of captured maritime professionals.
  • Russia China sign deals in oil, nuclear, coal, electricity and renewable energy. The prices disagreement over gas didn't let the Gas supply (from Russia to China) deal be signed.
  • India to extend assistance in constructing a cultural centre in Jaffna. China has helped for constructing a national centre for performing arts.
  • Current round of India & Pak Foreign Secy talks do NOT include Terrorism. They include: J&K, peace and security, promotion of friendly exchanges.
  • Kayani is fighting to keep his job and is facing seething anger from Generals since Abottabad raid. Taliban has also gotten bolder in Pak raid.
  • Iran hopes India will revive Peace Pipeline aka IPI Pipeline. It argues that TAPI passes through not just Pakistan but also Afganistan making it less safe for gas transport. It also argues that nuclear energy plans have taken a hit after Fukushima and fossil energy has become even more important!
  • Zangmu project on Brahmaputra is a run-of-the-river hydroelectric project and thus is not a matter of concern for India: SM Krishna.
  • India in SCO: Terrorism from Af & Islamic extremism, Af situation after ISAF withdrawal in 2014, Economic deliberations (RIC), Linking SCO with Arabian Sea, Platform to talk and cooperate with Pak with less hesitation because of regional format, garner support for J&K's terrorism, another platform to link with China (apart from Climate change), counter US hegemony in Central Asia. SCO 10th Summit: Astana (Kazak capital). India's bid for permanent seat is on the table since 2010. Pak since 2006. Iran excluded because of SCO clause to keep out nations having UN sanctions. SCO current members: 6, observers: 4, dialogue partners: 2 (Belarus & SLanka)
  • LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. Its the transverse equivalent of SONAR.
  • Read Nepal's peace process report card:
  • Read P. Sainath's "The discreet charm of civil society":

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