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Public Administration References

Public Administration Paper 1

Meaning, Scope – IGNOU MA Notes
Wilson – P&P, Mohanty Notes
PCA – Avasthi Maheshwari
LPG – IGNOU MA, Laxmikant, Mohanty Notes/ShubraSaxena
GG – Fadia 1, 2 (examples)
NPM – Avasthi Maheshwari

·         Examples should be from India as much as possible
·         Use abbreviations only after defining them
·         Stress on practical theories rather than abstract ones
·         Solution more than definition or elaboration
·         Try to put different sections of PubAd and link them in the answer

Administrative Thought:
Main refereces: P&P, RK Sapru
Scientific Management & Movement – Fadia & Laxmikant
Weber’s Bureaucratic Model – P&P
Post Weberian Development – Crack IAS
Follet – P&P
Human Relations Movement – P&P, Sapru
Barnard – Sapru
Simon – Sapru, Laxmikant
Participative Management – Sapru
Criticisms – Laxmikant, P&P
Classical Theories (Fayol, G&U) – Crack IAS, Vajiram Booklet

·         Read P&P’s Introduction too
·         Must read chapter thoroughly, at least 3-4 times

Concept of Development– IGNOU BA Notes
Changing profile of DA– IIPA, IGNOU
Anti Development Thesis– Crack
Bureaucracy and Development – Crack/IGNOU
Strong State vs Market – Fadia (mention Amartya Sen, NPM)
Impact of Liberalization on developing countries – Fadia
Women & development & SHGs– Crack, ShubraSaxena

Communication – Fadia
Morale – Sharma & Sadana/Fadia/Crack
Motivation – Crack
Leadership – Fadia
Organization – Crack/Fadia
Ministries, Boards & Commissions, Departmental forms – Avasthi
Corporations, Companies – Awasthi (Link it with Fadia Paper 2’s PSUs)
Adhoc & Advisory Bodies – IGNOU BA
HQ & Field relations – Awasthi
Regulatory Authorities – Crack
PPP – IIPA Journals/Crack, Newspapers, NIAS Notes
Accountability & Control – Laxmikant/Crack, IGNOU
Social Audit – Crack, Yojana
RTI – Read the bare act itself, Crack, ARC 2

Administrative Law – Crack/Sharma Sadana
Delegated Legislation – Awasthi
Admin. Tribunals – Fadia
CPA – IGNOU BA, + for current status: IIPA Journals/Sapru

Admin & Politics in different countries – Laxmikant (only if you feel the need)
Ecology & Admin. – Fadia
Riggs – P&P, Sapru, Mohanty Notes

Personnel Administration
Best in IGNOU but lengthy
Admin. Ethics- Fadia

Public Policy – IGNOU BA (crux in Crack) [beginning to end]

Techniques of Admin. Improvement
O&M – Avasthi
e-governance – Fadia
Management tools – Mohit Bhattacharya/Fadia

Financial Administration – Vajiram Notes                     

Public Administration Paper 2

Evolution of Indian Administration
·      One short question is usually asked
Arthashastra, Mughal Administration – Rajni Goyal [must read]
British – Rajni Goyal/Vajiram
Philosophical & Constitutional
Constitutionalism – Mohanty Notes
Salient Features – Rajni Goyal
Political Culture – Mohanty Notes
Bureaucracy & Democracy – IGNOU, Mohanty Notes

IGNOU, Fadia
Forms of PSUs – IGNOU BA
Public Sector in Modern India – India Year Book (Industry Chapter – ONGC, Air India etc data to be used), Newspapers
Problems of Acc & Ctrl – IGNOU
Impact of Privatization & Liberalization – Laxmikant
Union Govt
Executive, Parliament – Rajni Goyal + for recent trends: Fadia
Judiciary – Fadia
Intra govt relation – IGNOU (PMO-Cabinet-Party relations, Bureaucracy-Politics)
Cabinet Secretariat – Rajni Goyal + recent trends: IIPA Journals
Central Secretariat – Not needed usually/Laxmikant (if need be)
Ministries, Offices, depts – Not needed usually/Laxmikant (if need be)

Plans & Priorities – Rajni Goyal + for recent trends: Fadia
Disputes among states for allocation
NDC – Fadia +supplement with IIPA journals

CAG – Rajni Goyal

Administrative Reforms – Laxmikant, ARC 2, Last chapter of Rajni Goyal (Problems of implementation)
Rural Development – Crack
Panchayati Raj – ShubraSaxena, Journals
Urban local Govt – Crack
New Localism – IJPA articles, Mohanty notes

Law & Order – IIPA articles, ShubraSaxena, ARC 2, Crack
Role of Central Agencies – Newspapers, your understanding
Criminalization of Politics – Vajiram

Significant Issues of Indian Administration
Values – Fadia
Problems – Newspapers, your understanding
Citizen Admin. – Fadia
Corruption in Admin. – Rajni Goyal (begin with Kautilya) + ShubraSaxena & your understanding
Disaster Management – ARC2, Fadia, ShubraSaxena, Crack

Decentralized Planning – Fadia, Newspapers, IIPA

State Govt & Admin
Union-State relations – Fadia, MMPunchi Report
FC – Fadia (important)
Gov – Rajni Goyal
CM, CS – Rajni Goyal
Difference between CS & Cabinet Sec, State Sec & Directorate – can be skipped

District Admin. – Mohanty notes, Rajni Goyal, IIPA (for recent trends)

Union-State-Local relations – Crack, MMPunchi Report
District Admin & democratic decentralization – IIPA, Mohanty notes
Law & Order Admin in district – IIPA, ARC 2

Civil Services – Fadia
Good governance initiatives – use Paper 1 knowledge
Political rights & staff association – IGNOU
Civil Service Neutrality – IGNOU
Civil Service Activism – Mohanty notes, Crack

Financial Management – Vajiram
Accounting techniques – IGNOU, Crack

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